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     Magandas kennel was founded in 2014. The name is a combination of my name and the name of my first golden retriever Andy, also known as Andík, Anďas, or Andulík. When I was looking for my "own" dog for the first time I studied everything possible on different breeds and after a short deliberation my decision was made…

„Golden retrievers are friendly, gentle, cuddlesome, trustful and, last but not least, obedient. They are intelligent and have an innate talent for carrying out all kinds of tasks. They can capture a person's heart, and are very patient with children..“

    And as the story goes, though at first I wanted "just" a companion, with time and, above all, the effects of activities spent with Andík – exercising together and chatting with other breeders and owners – I surrendered to the idea of breeding this magnificent breed. It's not for nothing that they say – "Wherever a golden retriever once puts its paw, it never leaves..." Even though for my own reasons, Andy never became involved in breeding, he simply became my best friend and will stay in my heart forever. Thank you for everything, my sunshine ♥ ♥ ♥.
    So I started to think about importing a dog with origins in England.  I managed to find the most wonderful breeders - Mr and Mrs Williams from the breeding kennel Cesarka and in 2009 I brought home Jack - Cesarka Fly the Flag. A dog with an excellent pedigree, enjoying excellent health, with excellent health results, a fantastic temperament, an appetite for work and last but not least a balanced gentle character.
    Since I was so enchanted by Jack, and because to me he is the embodiment of a breed which I would like to raise – an elegant balanced dog with a beautiful look – I contacted Ted and Christine Williams again and in 2013 I brought back a female Angie – Cesarka Kiss and Tell. A female with a strong frame, yet again with an excellent pedigree and, in her case, with total commitment and inexhaustible energy.  I'm really looking forward to her first puppies, ideally in early 2016.
    My retrievers are members of the family, simply indispensable family members, who share almost every minute with me. Even though a retriever is a very clever and quick-to-learn breed, I don't simply let them grow "like trees in a forest" but actively dedicate time to training them. I pride myself on the outstanding health of my dogs, their character, temperament and appearance. I would like to preserve these traits in future litters from my kennel.