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  • UK import
  • Date of Birth: 22/9/2009
  • Breeding status: stud - breeding dog
  • Height: 59cm
  • Teeth: full set
  • Health: HD A/A, ED 0/0, GR-Pra1 clear, GR-Pra2 clear
  • Breeder: Ted and Christine Williams, Cesarka kennel UK
  • Candidate for titles:
    - Slovak Champion                                                                            - Czech Champion
      - German VDH champion
      - German DRC Club Champion
  • Trials:
    Autumn Club Trial - 1st prize CACT
Jack Kono 2016 CAC 


Jack, Jackoušek, Jackulíno :-D

A fantastic dog with all the trimmings. Jack is a sturdy dog with a large frame and with gorgeous thick golden fur. He has a typical male's head which nevertheless doesn't lack a gentle appearance. He moves with the grace of a lord whether at a dog show or when carrying game :o).

He is a constant protector of the entire family, who checks out everything and cools down disputes with his characteristic calm. He never fights or runs off, but rather calms down the hysterical attacks of others. Of course there are moments when he offends others and sometimes he can carry his tail higher than is healthy, but I think that's part of who he is. Jack is a confident dog with a balanced nature, just how I imagine a dog should be.

Work is a joy for him from first to last, and in any case anger or coercion will simply not work on Jack. He only ever learns things in a playful manner and then he can do the impossible. He quickly picks up on negative energy, hysteria or rage, and then refuses to cooperate or even lift a paw. So he always warns me tactfully – Hey, girl, calm down … :o) ! On the other hand he can also lose his cool. Without a doubt. But hand on heart, who can't…?

For me Jackulíno is simply the type of golden retriever I want to breed regardless of current trends…



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