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21.12.2017 - Puppies are born  !!!!

Today at midwinter day we have welcome our litter "B" :-* !

3 strong boys and 3 lovely girls ♥♥♥ !

There is one boy available, if you are interested in that combination, please feel free to contact me :-)


20.11.2017 - Yepiii we will have the puppy time soon  !!!!

Angie´s pregnancy is confirmed :-) ! Around 20.12.2017 we are waiting puppies litter "B" .

We are so so happy withthat as we want to keep a bitch ♥ .


Autumn 2017

Autumn time is the best to do what our dogs love the best .. hunts :-)

Ducks and pheasants and Mr.Jack :-)


4.8.2017 - Angilka has the fourth birthday

Sweetheart Angie is 4 years at this world... crazy where the time has gone ... Lots of health our Welsh princess :-* ! Love you to moon and back ♥

30.6.2017 - Hyppy birthday babies litter "A" !

Lots of health and many happy and crazy adventures :-D Mikee, Ricky, Monty, Fany, Same, Širi, Arinko, Lili and Sanny ♥♥♥

Pictures of some babies :-)



22.7. 2016 - Puppies 3 weeks old  :D

Puppies have no more the whelping box, as they were very curious what is outside , so they have now the playpen :D !

They have had their first small adventure outside :) !

There is 3 boys available for a serious reservations ;)




14.7. 2016 - Puppies are two weeks old  :D

All the puppies have their eyes open, they already had the first warming, they started to be very quick in the box :) ♥



7.7. 2016 - Puppies are one week old 

All our sweethearts are doing fine, growing so fast :) , mummy Angie is really great ♥ !

Some boys are still available, feel free to contact me if you are interested of that combination :) !





30.6. 2016 - Puppies ( Jack x Angie ) have arrived :D

Today Angie gave the birth to 9 healthy and powerful puppies :) - 5 handsome boys and 4 pretty girls ♥

She did really great job, she needed just 5 hours for the whole delivery, I am so so proud of her ! She is the perfect mum ♥♥♥ !

All the girls are spoken for.

There is some boys available for a serious reservations  :-*


4. - 5.6. 2016 - Special and Club Show Retriever Club CZ Konopiště

Judges: Mrs. Lyn Strudwick (Burpham), Mrs. Hilary Lambshead (Muskan)

Love this 2 days Club show, there is always perfect organization, nice surrounding and correct judgement ! It was nice spent weekend again :) !

JACK  Cesarka Fly the Flag  -  working class :  EXC 4  /   EXC 1 CAC  :)

VIKI   Patricia Victoria Artemis Gold  -  young class :  EXC 2  /   EXC 


(Jack and Viki)



26.5.2016 - Pregnancy confirmed

Yes !!! They are here :) ! The sonography confirmed that Angie will be mother :) !

We are so excited and really looking forward to our very first puppies :) !!!




1.5.2016 - Angie was mated to Jack :)

So really do hope for our very first special puppies ♥♥♥




4.4.2016 - CACIB Chemnitz 3.4.2016

judge: Gisela Werner ( Germany )

* Cesarka Kiss and Tell (Angie ) - working class
* Vanilka z Měsíčních plání - sired by our Jack - young class

both girls were Excellent 4 

Angie and Vanilka




4.4.2016 - Jack became father of the very balanced litter :)

The birth weight was between 490 and 520 g, sweet light gold colour -  6 boys  and  3 girls

Cesarka Fly the Flag
( Ch Floprym Rivaldo x Ritzilyn Rock Candy with Cesarka )
Pythia z Měsíčních plání
( Ch Kendy Chlupaté štěstí x Dakita z Měsíčních plání )

CHS Měsíční pláně



14.2.2016 - Jack is father again :-*

Cesarka Fly the Flag  x  Baileys White Magic Snowflake

CHS Kingliness




5.1.2016 - puppies

Puppies sired by our Jack, there are available one boy and one girl ♥ 
Cesarka Fly the Flag x Naomi z Měsíčních plání








December 2015

The hunting season goes on :-D ! We are enjoying this time with Angie at phesantry at Konopiště :-) !




5.11.2015 - Puppies are born :-D !

Cesarka Fly the Flag  x  Naomi z Měsíčních plání

2 boys and 4 girls   CHS Měsíční pláně




23.10.2015 - Special Retriever Club Show  - Viničné - Slovakia

Success of Jack´s daughter - Young class

Xanty z Měsíčních plání  (Cesarka Fly the Flag x Marlen z Měsíčních plání)  V1 CAJC BOJ


28.10.2015 - Puppies sired by our Jack

Pregnancy is confirmed :-D

Jack - Cesarka Fly the Flag ( Floprym Rivaldo x Ritzilyn Rock Candy with Cesarka )


Naomi z Měsíčních plání ( Waterloo Misantos x Dakita z Měsíčních plání )

puppies will be born around 3-rd November 2015

kennel website:



8.4.2015 - Website

We are currently working on the website for our breeding kennel Magandas Golden Retrievers.

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